“Friends” | August 13th (Pre-save & Win)

On Friday August 13th my new song will come out: Friends! 💃🥳 I wrote Friends after a party I attended as a plus 1. I observed the close friendships and the history they shared and I felt lonely. It touched me, because I don’t know that kind of friendship. So I sat down with that feeling and wrote this song that I’m really proud of. Can’t wait for you to hear it!

Where are the friends that I never made?
Where are the ones that never stayed?
What did I do so wrong to be here all alone today?

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*WIN* “Friends” goodie bag

To thank you for your support I feel like giving something away again! If you pre-save or pre-order Friends, you have a chance to win a friendship package!

In the goodie bag:

  • – T-shirt of the tv show Friends
  • – 2x friendship necklace “Dragon fly” (for you & your friend)
  • – Post cards to send to all your friends

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